Battery Solutions

Battery Solutions

Battery Solutions

If your family home or your small business is in need of electricity back up, this is the ideal solution for you. A battery back-up will provide you with power when Eskom (our electrical grid) is down. Unlike a generator, which is costly, noisy, environmentally unfriendly and inconvenient to use, a Battery Solution will automatically operate during load shedding or in the event of an unexpected power outage.

If your family home or your small business is in need of electricity back-up, this is the ideal solution for you. A battery back-up will provide you with power when Eskom (our electrical grid) is down.

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What does a Battery Solution consist of?

A Battery Only Solution consists of an inverter, a charge controller and a battery, which is charged by AC (Alternate Current) power from the grid. Batteries don’t store electrical energy, it stores chemical energy. In the event of the grid going down or during times of load shedding, the batteries will provide the stored electricity, converted from DC (Direct Current) to AC through the inverter, to support your load requirements. It is the AC energy/electricity that is utilised in your home. The charge controller is vital as it protects the battery from overcharging.

Our Battery Back-Up Solution “The Scalable Loadsaver”

We partner with only the best to give you the ultimate solution to meet your needs and when it comes to advanced modelling, use only the latest technology.


The Alpha ESS SMILE5-BAT is a battery designed for a PV household application. These batteries are made from Lithium Iron Phosphate. They are safer than regular Lithium-ion cells and the Metal Can cells with aluminium casing means they have a much longer life cycle.

Not only do they have high capacity, but they also deliver higher power output than regular Lithium batteries. These batteries are on the CEC approved list of approved energy storage devices which means that they have been independently tested to confirm that they meet the necessary electrical safety & quality standards under the Clean Energy Council’s Battery Assurance Program.

The SMILE5-INV 5kW Hybrid Inverter is part of the design to enable the conversion of DC to AC for use in your household or residential building. The Smile 5 is the 3rd generation storage system developed independently by Alpha ESS. The sleek, classic design will compliment any room within your home.

The name SMILE was derived from the 5 unique features
and characteristics of the system:

Self Sufficient

The system is connected to a photovoltaic power generation system to ensure that the 24-hour home energy supply is self-sufficient

Modulated Battery

Inverter and battery are separate modular and the system is the whole integration of all components. The system adapts a 5kW inverter and one single battery energy is 5.7kwh. The whole system supports 1-6 battery expansion

Intelligent Control

Identifies on grid output and adjusts the output power accordingly. Identifies on/off grid mode
and automatically switch the modes. Alpha Cloud is built for real-time network monitoring and management.

Long Service

Alpha ESS provides users with 5-year warranty for the whole system and 10 years warranty for battery performance. supports remote controlling, on/off grid identification
and completes automatic switching

Elegant Design

The appearance of SMILE 5 is a combination of futuristic look and a sense of home. It is sleek and elegant and really enhances on the user experiences.

Smile through load shedding and take the first step
towards your energy independence...

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